About Barfield Photography

Debi Wallace is a Houston native, through and through. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts. She wanted to illustrate humanity at its sincerest and provide people with memories and photos they could share throughout their lifetime. She soon began pursuing other opportunities in Houston and met her now friend and mentor, Karen Barfield. The two hit off and have helped capture beautiful moments in time for Houstonians ever since.

Deborah Wallace Owner of Barfield Photography

Debi is now the sole owner of Barfield Studios after purchasing the organization from Karen upon her decision to retire. Debi continues using her highly trained skills and unmistakable eye to deliver Houstonians with pictures worth sharing. Whether is helping a newly unemployed professional gain their footing or provide a hopeful bride with breathtaking portraits, she is sure to deliver.

Debi is also a tremendous advocate as well as a member of several women’s organizations, such as:

  • Texas Executive Women,
  • River Oaks Women Breakfast Club and
  • Professional Referral Organization for Women of Houston.  


 As a professional with endless talent and unrelenting passion for her craft, it comes as no surprise that she uses her unmatched gifts to give back to the community.

She takes the time to get to know other women and help offer her services whenever needed. For the last 30 years, Barfield Photography has photographed Women on the Move, capturing both the vision and prestige of Texas’ women.

Debi finds joy in her work every time someone truly smiles, radiates confidence and exudes their unique self on film. It is these instances that drive Debi to continue pursuing her work and making every moment matter.