Easter Memories and Photos

March 27, 2015 Holidays 0 Comments

Easter brings up so many fond memories. I love Easter egg hunts. Easter eggs can be so pretty. These days there are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs. I found this gorgeous collection of Easter eggs while looking through Pinterest the other day. They look more like decorations than eggs for Easter egg hunts.


It is also quite entertaining to hide the eggs in both obvious and not-so-obvious places. I’ve hosted an Easter egg hunt or two in my day. Naturally, some hiding spots were made easier for the younger ones and harder for the older ones. There’s fun in hiding the eggs just to see just how determined kids are at finding them.

I fondly remember the thrill of the hunt, even though it’s been so many years since I went on an Easter egg hunt. Each egg is an exciting discovery. The race to fill the basket with as many eggs as possible brings out the competitive side of kids of all ages.


A few years ago, I brought in my granddaughter to the studio for Easter photographs. She was all dressed up in her Easter clothes. She looked absolutely adorable. We made a cozy spot for her on the chair, and she played with the bunny. With a snap, snap here, and a snap snap there, we captured some beautiful photographs. Above, there is a little video that my son filmed during the photo shoot.

What a beautiful day it was in the garden. The weather was fantastic that day. It was that elusive perfect spring weather of both warm and windy. The gentle breezes made it a treat to be outside in the garden. The flowers were blooming in the garden. The various shades of color brighten up the garden, a beautiful contrast to the lush green grass and bushes.


Every detail was carefully selected for the photo. I love how the yellow flowers bring out the yellow bow on her Easter dress. I love the grin on her face when she held the bunny in the Easter egg basket. The bunny was definitely bigger than the Easter eggs she was carrying before. The pattern of the ironwork in the chair resembles flower petals. There’s definitely an art and science to taking great photos.

On that day, I had fun in the garden with my granddaughter. The Easter photos were a pretty outcome to the day. I will fondly remember her at this age. She is growing up so quickly.