Erin Eder Swings By

This week country music singer, Erin Eder, came in for a one of a kind portrait photo shoot.

I met Erin Eder several years ago, when her first album came out.  You can see the album cover for Fresh Off the Red Carpet. Erin has beautiful eyes. She exudes so much confidence as she wears her sunglasses.


She is very talented in her singing abilities that she has even caught the attention of music legends like Willie Nelson. Her voice reminds me of Leanne Rimes.



With a new album coming out, Erin wanted a photo shoot. She needed a photo that reflected her style. It was such a delight to have her back for a new photo shoot. She came over to the studio, and we talked about all the shots we wanted to take. We decided to do the photo shoot outdoors.

This is Erin Eder at the 48th Annual CMA Awards.

It was a beautiful spring day, both warm and windy. The outdoor photo studio is just lush, green, and full this time of year. As the sun was coming down through the trees, the sunlight provided tons of natural light for the photo shoot. The occasional squirrel would pause to watch from a tree branch before carrying on its way.

It is mostly quiet as the photo shoot takes place. It makes for easier conversation between me and Erin. We talk about poses, gestures, movement as the shoot goes on. Since it’s outside, we get the occasional serenade from a bird. Other than that, it’s pretty quiet outside.

There’s a weathered chair in my prop collection. It fit perfectly with the country theme. With a snap snap here and a click-click there, we started the photo series with this chair. Just when we started getting really comfortable with this line of photos—it happened. In a blink of an eye, the seat of the chair fell to the floor. Erin held on to the chair like a champion bull rider. She stayed in that chair and held her ground; it was so unexpected and so funny. We had such a good laugh over this. With Erin’s permission, I kept taking photos, as this was definitely an action shot. Nothing like a surprise to get some laughter going.

There are so many great photos of Erin from this photo shoot. She made great wardrobe selections. She knows just what she wants. She poses very well for the camera.

Here is a sneak peak from the photo shoot. The pink heels add a beautiful pop of color.

Erin’s new album will be coming out soon. Once the album is released, you will be able to see some of the images we took for it. Until then, it will remain a surprise! Album updates will be available on Facebook. To stay tuned, visit Erin Eder Music.

As a photographer, I have the pleasure of photographing all kinds of interesting people. Erin is a memorable person to photograph. It is great to see her music career moving onward and upward. It is very rewarding to be a part of the career journey of all kinds of professionals and artists.