The Dogs Of Our Lives

Why photograph ourselves with our pets? While some may find it strange that we enjoy photographing our pets, for others it is as normal as taking a selfie. In the USA, there are between 70 and 80 millions of dogs, according to the ASPCA. When we look online, we see countless videos and pictures of dogs.

Photographing our pets makes sense because they are part of our life. Pets live in our homes. They live and breathe in our space. In every vital aspect, we care for our pets. We cloth, feed, care and play with them. We make sure they’re healthy. As part of our daily responsibility, it’s no surprise that pets are like our family.

As a pet owner myself, I too, can see the many benefits pets bring into our lives. Dogs are entertaining, affectionate, and companions. When people ask to be photographed with their pets, it among my favorite photo shoot to shoot.

Dogs bring us entertainment. They do countless silly things. It’s fun just to watch them being themselves. My dog chases his tail for fun. Round and round he goes, with each bite he feels just a bit closer at finally biting his tail. It makes no sense to chase its tail, but it is still so funny to watch him. There are countless instances of silliness that my dog does unknowingly to entertain me. It brings me much joy to just watch my pouch in action.

Dogs are affectionate. They are so happy when their family members come home. With jumps, squeals, barking, and tons of tail wagging, they find their way to express the most genuine excitement in seeing our arrival. Their positive energy is absolutely contagious. I feel so happy to see them too after a day away from them. Of course, they love to give wet, sloppy kisses with their tongue. Petting my dog is just a simple way to appreciate the affection they show in their own doggie way.

Dogs provide companionship. They help us know we aren’t alone. In the living room, they can snuggle right up next to us as we watch TV or a movie. When it is play time, they show us how strong they can tug on a toy. With their barking, they make it very clear if someone is approaching our home. It is hard to feel alone when a cute critter is nearby to keep us company at home.

Pets bring so much into our lives. It makes so much sense to include them in our photos since they are a part of our lives and ultimately our memories.

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely couple and their three dogs. I just had to share this photo with you. It’s a silly picture that made me laugh for days each time I looked at the photo.

For a bit of fun, we put bibs on all three of them. Most dogs aren’t used to posing for a camera. It can be a bit tricky to get them to look at the camera. With a bit of patience, we can get them to look at the camera.

It just so happens that in this photoshoot, all three dogs were completely puzzled at the lens. Without any treats or coaching, they all looked at the camera with confusion. It just made me laugh as they tilted their head trying to make sense of the odd.

Pet photo shoots can come along with one-of-a-kind surprises that only pets can bring to a photo shoot. It is my love for furry creatures that make this so rewarding to photograph.