The New Rascals

March 18, 2015 Adventures of Debi

Here’s a question for you:
How many dogs does it take to chew a hole into a wooden door?

Answer: Just two.

Look what my son texted me today. It made my smile. It was his day off, and he was taking it easy. When he pulled up in the driveway, he saw the predicament of these two dogs. In their doggy voices, I imagine they said, “Hi Ryan, glad you’re home. You think you can get us out of here before we get caught?.” LOL.

I can’t help but think of The Little Rascals when I look at these two. The dogs belong to a neighbor. I don’t know the name of the dogs, but for our purposes let’s call them Goldie and Boxer. Though neither of us had seen the two in action, this is what my imagination says happened to lead up to this funny scene.

Once upon a time, there were two big puppies. With plenty of time on their hands, in the backyard they could play with one another. They could play with their toys. They could enjoy long naps. They could even watch animals come in and out of the yard.

One day, these two little rascals wanted more entertainment; they wanted to know what was happening in the great big world beyond the gate. The wooden door was that physical barrier that limited them from roaming freely in the neighborhood.

With their newly created doggy door, they could have a dog-friendly peephole to view the neighborhood. Cats beware! A peep-hole was just the kind of project that would entertain them.

In their secret doggie language, they arrived at the same conclusion: together, they would make a peep-hole that would let them see who came and went from the backyard with great ease.

With neither doggie being a carpenter, they used their doggie ingenuity to start making a hole in the wooden door. Surely, these two experimented with many things to create the hole. Barking surely wouldn’t work. Tail wagging wouldn’t do it either.

These smart doggies finally figured out a combination that included: gnawing, scratching, and biting their way through the wood.

Little by little, a hole formed in the door. Bit by bit, it grew and grew. Soon it was big enough for Boxer to stick his head through the hole.

It still wasn’t big enough, so they kept at it. They made the hole larger. Then, Goldie could now put his head through the hole in the door.
The hole in the door still was just barely big enough for the two of them, so they kept at it.

Just as they were probably getting into the groove of making the hole even bigger, their worst fear came to pass. They were caught red handed making a hole in the wood door without permission from a concerned neighbor.

The neighbor told their pet parents. The little rascals knew they were in trouble. These dogs were probably brought up to have good doggie manners. Their pet parents were not happy at all.

Goldie, who was once beaming with pride, suddenly turned sad with shame in his eyes. He knew he had done something that wasn’t such a good idea after all.

With their leashes on, they were led from the backyard to the house for a bath. After their bath, they were put into doggie timeout while the wooden door received a patch that would remedy the door for a few days.

After a brief class in doggy-etiquette, these little rascals learned that if they wanted to see the neighborhood, they have to do is ask for more walks.

The doggies wagged their tales with delight at the news. With their new found begging skills, they went on more walks. Each walk exposed them to new sights and new smells.

They all lived happily ever after.